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Everything You Need to Know Before Applying for a Family Visa in Dubai: Is a Marriage Certificate Translation Necessary?

Before Applying for a Family Visa in Dubai: Is a Marriage Certificate Translation Necessary?

Following civil marriage registration, the government department will issue a legal document known as a marriage certificate, which is extremely important all over the world. It is required to submit in a variety of situations, such as during immigration application procedures as part of visa documents.

If a married couple applies for a visa in any country, they must submit a marriage certificate translated into the official language of the country as proof of the genuine relationship of married couples applying for a family visa. The translation service providers can translate the marriage certificate proficiently and professionally which the immigration department will accept.

According to the new Dubai rule, marriage certificates must now be translated into Arabic as a supporting documents for family visa applications. Documents written in English are no longer accepted in Dubai.

Marriage certificate attestation necessitates a high level of accuracy and dependability. When submitting a family visa application, visa applicants should have all required documents translated into Arabic by a legal translator.

Are you missing your spouse and children at home? Then it is time for you to bring them to Dubai with the assistance of a Dubai family residency visa guide. This guide by Dubai E Visa Online will walk you through everything you need to know to settle your family in Dubai. If your family is already in Dubai or if you are planning to bring your family to Dubai, Dubai E Visa Online will handle a large portion of the information so that you do not have to wander around looking for a lot of information.

Let’s start with some of the reasons why you might want to reconsider taking your family to Dubai!

The benefits of relocating your family to Dubai include:

🔹 A bank account in Dubai can be opened quickly and easily, with few formalities.

🔹 Obtaining a bank loan from any bank in Dubai, whether for personal or business use.

🔹 For entry into many nations, no visa is needed.

🔹 Your children can attend either public or private schools to receive an education.

🔹 A driver’s license can be obtained.

🔹 With the help of this visa, you can apply for various government health programs and health insurance.

🔹 However, all of these benefits are only available if you meet some of the criteria outlined above to obtain the visa!

🔹 To be eligible for a Dubai family residency visa, the following criteria must be met:

🔹 To be eligible for a Dubai family residency visa, you must fall into one of the following categories:

🔹 Working plans have been developed in Dubai, whether under a government or private company.

🔹 Your children attend a Dubai educational institution.

🔹 In Dubai, investment has been made.

🔹 In Dubai, a property has been purchased.

🔹 You’ve decided to retire in Dubai.

🔹 You are either a close family member of a Dubai citizen or a foreign resident.

To obtain a Dubai family residency visa, the following requirements must be met:

When applying for a Dubai family residency visa, you will need to bring certain documents with you. The following are the documents that you must submit:

🔹 A completed online family residency visa application form

🔹 A passport that is valid and belongs to you

🔹 Having passport-sized photos that adhere to all guidelines

🔹 Proof of the person’s legal residence address who will be your sponsor

🔹 Possession of a medical test passing certificate

Providing proof of family ties, such as a birth certificate for your children, a valid marriage certificate, or, in the case of adopted children, an adoption certificate

The visa for which you are already in Dubai. For example, if you are already in Dubai on a work visa and are applying for a family residency visa for your family, you must provide proof of a family visa. This is not required if you are applying for a new family residency visa.

Procedure for obtaining a residency visa in Dubai:

While it is critical that you understand how to fill out the application form, it is also critical that you complete the entire procedure correctly; only then will you be able to obtain a visa.

Furthermore, if you intend to apply for a visa once you arrive in Dubai, you must first obtain an entry permit to enter the country and then apply for a new visa. However, you will most likely need a sponsor, who could be a friend, family member, or the employer for whom you will be working.

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