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Russia certificate attestation


The UAE government states that verification of Russian documents is necessary before utilizing them In UAE. Before the UAE embassy will accept any documents, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify them. The documents need to go through the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation after receiving the UAE embassy stamp from Russia.

Russia certificate attestation in UAE is the process by which a Russian document can be used in the UAE. Russian degree certificates, certificates of civil status (marriage, birth, and death certificates), diplomas, police clearance certificates, and affidavits are the most commonly attested documents.

Why is Russia certificate attestation in Dubai and legalization required?

Many Russians prefer to live and work in the UAE because it provides a stable, secure, and liberating environment. However, Russian citizens face a number of challenges when they relocate there. These are some steps for your Russia certificate attestation and legalisation in the UAE. You need to attest your Russian certificates in Dubai, UAE. For the following reasons:

✔️ Embassies or consulates for the issuing of visas or passports

✔️ Immigration office for visa applications, emigration requests, and work status changes, among other things.

✔️ Ministry of Education equivalency requirements (MOE)

✔️ To own an asset or property in UAE.

✔️ New marriage and cancellation of the marriage contract

✔️ Citizenship and Immigration

✔️ Obtaining Permits and Licenses

✔️ Tax breaks and the avoidance of double taxation

✔️ Bank and other financial institution loans and advances.

✔️ Commerce and trade activities such as inter-and intra-country movement of goods and services are examples of commerce and trade activities.

✔️ Expansion of businesses and trade across borders, as well as the establishment of off-shore businesses

✔️ Business closure, merger, and acquisition

Procedure for Russia certificate attestation in UAE:

The steps you need to follow while attesting Russian certificates in Dubai, UAE.

Quality Regional: It’s the first step in the certificate verification process. This stage of authentication can be performed by the notary or the university from which the documents were issued, or by the Chamber of Commerce in the case of commercial documents.

State Administration: The verification of state certificates is performed by three different organizations depending on the document type. The State Home Department (SHD), the Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) are the three departments (SDM). Despite the fact that SDM is independent of the state government, the authentication performed by this authority is considered on a state level.

MEA Seal: The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as the MEA, is the final level of legalization from the home government, after which an MEA stamp is applied to the document. MEA is the central organization in charge of the country’s external affairs.

Attestation from the Embassy: It is carried out by officials from the country where the documents are being attested. For most countries, it is the final step in the certification process after the Ministry of External Affairs.

Documents Required in the UAE for Russian Certificate Attestation:

✔️ a copy of the applicant’s passport

✔️ The original and a copy of the Russian documents or certificates were required.

✔️ Proof of Russian citizenship or a valid UAE residency permit

Attestation of a Russian educational certificate issued in the UAE

Attesting Russian documents in UAE could be a time-consuming process. Before final attestation, a certificate must be attested by a number of government authorities. Here are the steps to certifying your educational certificate for use in the UAE.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: MOFA Russia only checks the attestation and signature of other government authorities to authenticate them. To obtain MOFA attestation, the degree certificate must be in Russian or English.

Russia’s UAE Embassy: After receiving attestation from the MOFA, you must obtain attestation for your educational certificate from the UAE Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs: After obtaining attestation from MOFA Russia and the UAE embassy, you can apply for attestation from MOFA attestation UAE. This is the final step in validating your academic certificate for use in the UAE.

Document required for attestation of educational certificates for use in the UAE

✔️ Original educational certificates from Russia

✔️ Copies of candidates’ passports

✔️ Photograph of the candidate

✔️ Candidate Authorization Letter

Attestation of a birth certificate issued by Russia in the UAE

If you want to get a visa, a license, or an admission letter in the UAE, you must present an official birth certificate. Every country and embassy in the world is required by law to do. The attestation of your Russian birth certificate by MOFA and Consulates is a simple process that verifies the authenticity of your Russian birth certificate. The attestation will take place at the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Consulates.

The following are the advantages of validating or attesting to a Russian birth certificate in the UAE:

✔️ Request a visa for family members from Russia.

✔️ To apply for higher-level education in the UAE.

✔️ Obtaining a visa for you or a spouse or children.

✔️ To apply for a new passport or renew an existing passport in the UAE.

Why our services for your Russian issued certificates attestation in UAE:

Power attestation services guarantee 100% authentic attestation on every one of the certificates. We provide our customers with an online tracking facility. Our employees are always available to help customers, both online and over the phone. We send you emails and text messages to keep you informed of your progress. We are the best company for a variety of reasons. For more details regarding UAE attestation please send us a scanned copy of the certificates at +971 4 3799100. or Call us at +971 4 3799100. Every type of Certificate Attestation Procedure can be done with us from anywhere in the world without your presence.


There is a long list of documents that may require attestation for a Russian certificate in the UAE. The time required is determined by a variety of factors, such as the country requiring the authentication, the type of documents required, and the organization requiring it. It usually takes between 15 days and a month to complete. The time will still be influenced by the previously mentioned factors.

You can check the status of your Russian certificate application status online by entering your invoice number or tracking ID on our website. We designed our website to be as simple and user-friendly as possible in order to meet our customers’ needs in all ways.

The fee for Russia certificate attestation in UAE depends. It will also be influenced by the extreme nature of the requirement, as well as the location where the documents were issued and the type of document, i.e. educational or commercial. If the HRD attestation step is involved, the attestation cost may be reasonable or high, and it may also vary with additional services such as document legalization with pick and drop service. Call our sales representative right now to find out the exact Russia attestation fees.

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