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Divorce Certificate Attestation


The divorce certificate is an official document used to end a marriage. The court issues it along with its final judgment. It contains the names of the separated husband and wife, the date and location of the marriage’s dissolution, and each party’s post-divorce rights and duties. Divorce Certificate Attestation in Dubai is required if you want to use your divorce certificate for legal purposes in the UAE or any other foreign country.

We can help you get your certificate attested without having to visit any department. Divorce Certificate Attestation in UAE is a time-consuming and costly process that varies depending on the country and its regulations. The sections that follow describe the utility, required papers, and Divorce Certificate Attestation procedure.

A divorce certificate is a legal document that confirms the divorce of two legally married people. The certificate will include the following:
✔️ identities of the parties
✔️ The terms of their separation.
✔️ Wages were granted by the court.
✔️ The date they divorced.
✔️ Other relevant information

What exactly is Divorce Certificate Attestation in Dubai, and why is it necessary?

The authority to certify divorce certificates has been delegated to government agencies. If a divorced person wishes to marry someone from another country, the divorced person’s own country must first approve the certificate. When a single parent applies for permanent residency, this certificate must be certified.

Purposes of obtaining Divorce Certificate and its Attestation in UAE

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as changing the name on bank nominee paperwork. In the UAE, Divorce certiicate attestation in UAE verifies the document’s validity. For the following reasons it’s better to attest your divorce certificate in UAE:

✔️ Change the name on your passport and other official documents.
✔️ For the Purposes of Marriage with new partner
✔️ Visa applications for foreign countries (only where applicable).
✔️ To make changes to your insurance policy’s beneficiaries.
✔️ Any other legal reason.

Documents Required for Divorce Certificate Attestation in UAE

✔️ Divorce Certificate (May vary depending on countries).
✔️ Photocopy of the certificate passport holders
✔️ a visa photocopy (if applicable)
✔️ Provide power of attorney (POA) or authorization letter (If appropriate).

The Procedure for Attesting Divorce Certificates in the Dubai and UAE

The attestation process for a divorce certificate issued in the UAE or other countries is comparable. It must be sent to the UAE’s Home Ministry, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA/MOFA), the UAE’s Embassy/Consulate, as well as the application and supporting documentation. The final divorce certificate will be certified in Dubai by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

The following is the procedure for attesting to a divorce certificate:

When you want to get Divorce certificate attestation in Dubai you have to follow some procedure

The Notary Public’s Attestation: The first organization or institution that must certify your certificate is the Notary Department. The divorce certificate must be stamped at a Notary or Collector’s office in the area. It would help if you then visited the Department of Justice.

The Home Department’s Attestation: After being stamped by the Notary Department, you must present your certificate to the Home Department for attestation. If you plan to stay in Dubai, this is the final stage of the attestation procedure; however, if you plan to return abroad, you must visit the MOFA.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation: Because you intend to relocate to another country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a branch of the central government responsible for the country’s external or foreign affairs, must certify your certificate.

Embassy Recognition: The final step is to obtain certification from the embassy of the country to which you wish to relocate.

Attestation by the MOFA: The stamp and seal of an authorized individual in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must attest to the authenticity of a certificate or document. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the final authority in the UAE to verify certification. It is also the final step in the certificate verification process. Once your certificate has the MOFA seal stamped on it, it can be used for a variety of purposes in the UAE.


The amount of time required is determined by a number of factors, including the countries for which you require attestation, the type of documents required, and the state from which you require it. Normally, it takes 15 to 25 days to finish. However, it can last for several weeks longer than a month. The previously mentioned factors will alter the overall time.

The cost of attestation of a divorce decree certificate varies by country and state in Dubai. It could be influenced by the request’s urgency and the location where the documents were delivered. The cost of attestation may be low or high, depending on additional services such as with pick-up and drop-off. Call us to learn about Divorce Certificate attestation rates in Dubai.

Because of the involvement of multiple departments and ministries, the attestation procedure is lengthy. It is possible that you will need to inquire several times at each location to ensure that authorities verify and certify the paper. If you don’t understand how departments work, you may be puzzled. You won’t have to be concerned if you entrust the duty to Power Attestation Services. Since the beginning of our business, we have been among the most dependable attestation services in Dubai. Our experts carefully follow our documentation attestation procedures. They will finish the procedure more quickly than you expect and give you the Divorce Certificate Attestation in UAE.

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