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Diploma Certificate Attestation


Diploma certificate attestation in Dubai has developed into an essential phase that connects education and professional aspirations across boundaries. While its importance cannot be inflated, the attestation journey is not without its difficulties. Diploma credentials are part of the Educational Certificate Attestation.  Power Attestation Services helps to solve the difficulties involved in verifying diploma certificate attestion in UAE and offers helpful suggestions for getting around different challenges. Understanding and overcoming these challenges is critical for a successful end, whether you are a student beginning a worldwide education or a professional pursuing an abroad career.

Documents required for Diploma Certificate Attestation in Dubai

✔️ Original Diploma Certificate

✔️ Transcript or Mark Sheet

✔️ Passport Copy

✔️ Passport-sized Photographs

✔️ Copy of Visa/Residence Permit

What are the procedures involved in Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE?

✔️ Gathering Documents

✔️ Obtain your academic records and genuine diploma.

✔️ Collect copies of your passport, ID, and, if necessary, a visa or residence permission.

✔️ Fill out the attestation application form that the certifying authority provides.

✔️ Write an authorization letter if someone else is submitting or gathering documents on your behalf.

✔️ If necessary, have an affidavit notarized to confirm the legitimacy of your papers.

✔️ Obtain a letter of introduction stating your enrolment and legitimacy from your place of education.

✔️ Pay the necessary attestation fees, which may vary depending on the nation and the certifying body.

✔️ Visit your country’s consulate or embassy to obtain a consular letter verifying your identification if you are attesting for use in another nation.

✔️ Send the attesting authority the completed application form, the original diploma, the transcripts, copies of the passport, the pictures, and any other necessary papers.

✔️ Await the processing of your documents by the attesting authorities. Varying processing timeframes.

✔️ Pick up your attested diploma certificate from the attesting authority once it has been processed.

✔️ Always confirm the Reliable specifications of the nation or organization whose attestation you are requesting.

Why choose Power Attestation Services for Attesting Diploma Certificate

Power Attestation Services can greatly simplify the often intricate process of attesting your Diploma Certificate attestation in Dubai. With our expertise, Power Attestation Services offers comprehensive guidance tailored to the specific requirements of the country and the purpose of your attestation. We efficiently handle tasks such as document collection, form filling, notarization, and liaison with educational institutions.

Moreover, for international attestation, they manage consulate and embassy visits to secure necessary consular letters. By entrusting your attestation to Power Attestation Services, you can save valuable time and reduce stress. Our professional assistance ensures adherence to regulations, minimizing the risk of errors that could lead to delays. Throughout the process, they keep you informed about progress, culminating in the prompt delivery of your attested diploma certificate. Overall, Power Attestation Services provides a reliable and secure solution, offering convenience and expertise for a successful diploma certificate attestation in UAE experience. For more details  Call us at +971 4 3799100 or email info@powerattestation.com


To get a certificate attested, you will need to submit documents that are required by the authorities. These documents vary depending on your profession and the type of job you are applying for. The amount of time required for getting a diploma certificate attested in UAE depends on the type of education or diploma document you have to submit and the purposes of it.

There are many agencies or certificates attestation service provider in UAE to get your diploma certificate attestation. In UAE, you can always connect us for your diploma certificate attestation purposes without any hesitation. We are a certified company in UAE and we provide you with the best services at affordable rates.

A diploma certificate attestation service will provide you with a document that shows your technical completion course is genuine and it will be authenticated by the educational institution or government agency where you obtained your degree or diploma. The processing charge of getting a Diploma Certificate Attestation  can vary depending on the country of issuing and the processes of each country.

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