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Police Clearance Certificate Attestation

Police Clearance Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE

The police clearance certificate attestation in UAE, which is an official certificate, issued by police departments all over the UAE or from anywhere in the world, certifies that the individual is neither under investigation nor has a criminal record. Police Clearance Certificate attestation in Dubai, is that a issued by Dubai police and from any emirate in UAE to list any criminal histories the applicant may or may not have. Arrests, convictions, and possibly even criminal proceedings may all be found in criminal records. An official record of any criminal history (arrests, convictions, or proceedings) the applicant may have while residing in the country of issue is a Police Clearance Certificate attestation. It goes by different names in various nations.

What is the use of a Police Clearance Certificate Attestation in UAE?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), also known as a “Good Conduct Certificate,” is proof of a person’s criminal history in the state where they currently reside.

Both UAE citizens and foreigners living there frequently need a police clearance certificate attestation in Dubai for a variety of reasons, few of them as follows:

✔️ You might be eager to pursue admission to a foreign university or you might want to apply for immigration as your goal.

✔️ A few companies in the UAE, in addition to international colleges and visa offices, also demand this endorsement.

✔️ The Police Clearance Certificate is becoming a significant document because employers must confirm that the employee has never constituted a crime.

Receiving attested the police clearance certificate attestation in UAE can be a little troubling if you are unaware of the freedom interaction and the process. Imagine yourself in a foreign country where it’s possible that, aside from your manager, you don’t know anyone. Then you might need an provider in your local place. You can always feel free to connect to Power Attestation Services in order to fulfill your police clearance certificate attestation needs in the UAE as well as from any other country.

Documents required for police clearance certificate Attestation in Dubai ?

Candidates who are currently residing in the UAE or those who are no longer UAE residents may apply for the police clearance certificates (PCC).

Following supplemental papers must be submit to attest a police clearance certificate in UAE

✔️ A valid emirates identification Card or Letter

✔️ A declaration in writing from the recipient.

✔️ A recent identification-size or passport size photograph

✔️ A copy of the applicant’s visa.

If you are currently residing outside of the UAE, in some cases you must obtain your individual finger illusion card from that nation and have it authenticated by the UAE Embassy there. Similar to this, a finger assumption card is an official police report that verifies a person’s character based on his biometrics and decimal finger impression.

After that, the Ministry of Interior of the UAE or Dubai Police will receive your request for PCC along with the supporting reports:

✔️ The UAE Embassy has approved a fingerprint card.

✔️ Two most recent passport-sized images.

✔️ A duplicate copy of your current passport.

✔️ Most recent UAE visa copy.

✔️ The motivation or purpose behind the application.

Importance of Police clearance certificates in Dubai and UAE

A police certificate may be needed for a variety of reasons, including applying for a work visa, student visa, naturalization, driving license, change of name, or to satisfy a specific employer’s request.

✔️ For the purpose of employment in the UAE or any other country.

✔️ In order to transition or migration.

✔️ To obtain a residency visa in UAE.

✔️ To get further education in foreign countries etc.

How do Power Attestation Services help you to get police clearance documents attestation services for you in the UAE?

A police clearance documents attestation is a declaration that you don’t have any criminal history or a copy of your criminal history. This certificate must be obtained by both locals and expats. Police clearance certificates—also known as police certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts PCCs, etc.—has different names in each nation and territory. They are used by Citizenship and Immigration to stop people from entering the country who pose a risk to national security.

To know more about attestating police clearance certificate , call our helpful staff at +971 555732821 today to learn more, or send us an email at info@powerattestation.com for more information.


Each certificate is issued in the UAE with the intention of being used only in that nation. Applications must be submitted separately for each country if clearance is needed for use in more than one. When submitting the application, you have the choice of asking for English or an Arabic version.

The certificate’s expiration date may change significantly. It might be the time period specified on the certificate or it might depend on the requirements established by the nations where the certificate will be used.

For instance, certificates for UAE police clearance are good for three months after the date they were issued, as stated on the certificates. For the sake of unity among various counties, Australia, however, accepts police certificates for a period of 12 months following the dates of their issuance for both visa and citizenship applications. Regardless of the certificate’s stated validity period, Ecuador only accepts certificates that are submitted within 3 months of when they were issued.

Therefore, obtaining the Police Clearance Certificate is a really simple process, regardless of whether you are a business person or a student. In the event that you are applying through us, the cycle is incredibly simple.

Power attestation services, provides you the online facility to track your status of police clearance certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE. Our team at power attestation services is qualified to handle all your work, whether you want to apply for a UAE family visa or a residence visa, our process is typically quick and easy.

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