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Indian Certificate Attestation


The process of ensuring the validity of an Indian educational or non-educational certificate for usage in the UAE is known as Indian certificate attestation. The certificate must first be certified by the Indian government and then by the UAE government as part of the attestation process.

The Indian Certificate attestation in UAE procedure requires time, and power Attestation Services takes pleasure in providing the fastest, most affordable, and most effective India certificate attestation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What are the documents required for Indian certificate attestation

Indian Educational Certificate

✔️ Degree Certificate Attestation

✔️ Master’s Degree Attestation

✔️ Diploma Certificate Attestation

✔️Engineering Certificate Attestation

✔️ Bachelor Certificate Attestation

✔️ B Tech. Certificate Attestation

✔️ Mark sheets Attestation

Indian Personal Documents

✔️ Marriage Certificate Attestation

✔️ Birth Certificate Attestation

✔️ School Leaving Certificate Attestation

✔️ Divorce Certificate Attestation

✔️ Transfer Certificate Attestation

✔️ Medical Certificate Attestation

✔️ Death Certificate Attestation

✔️ Experience Certificate Attestation

Indian Commercial Documents

✔️ Board Resolution Attestation

✔️ Commercial Invoices Attestation

✔️ Certificate of Origin Attestation

✔️ Memorandum of Article

✔️ Shareholders Resolution

✔️ Certificate of Incorporation

✔️ Memorandum of Association

✔️ Articles of Association

Purposes of Indian Documents Attestation:

✔️ Employment Visa

✔️ To get the Eligible Profession

✔️ Labour Card Processing

✔️ Visa Designation Change

✔️ Embassy or Consulate Purpose

✔️ MOH Examination/ DOH Examination

✔️ Equivalency and Higher Education

What is the Process of Indian Certificate Attestation?

The process generally involves Five levels of authentication:

✔️ Notarization

✔️ Sub-division magistrate

✔️ Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation in India.

✔️ UAE Embassy Attestation in India.

✔️ Ministry of Foreign affairs(MOFA) in UAE

How power attestation services help you to get the Indian certificate attestation

For those wishing to attest their Indian Certificate attestation in Dubai for usage abroad, Power Attestation Services is a great resource. Our expert services are knowledgeable about the complex attestation needs of many nations, guaranteeing that documents are painstakingly created and satisfy all standards.
power attestation services guide the client through the difficult bureaucratic maze with skills spanning from notary and home department attestation to embassy or apostille validation. We manage submissions to important agencies including the Chamber of Commerce for business documents and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), if necessary. By using these services, people can save a lot of time and work while avoiding mistakes that could cause delays or denials. Additionally, these services give constant updates and client support, giving customers piece of mind all during the attestation process.To speed up the process contact attestation advisors over call at +971 4 3799100 or email to info@powerattestation.com


If any certificate is laminated, then you need to remove the lamination carefully from the certificate so it will not cause any damage to the certificate. And by doing this, in the UAE, the attestation stamps will be placed on the non-laminated area of the certificate. Despite the fact that we recommend that you do not laminate your certificates, because, in a few countries, they will not accept laminated certificates as valid or not process attestations on your certificates.

Yes, in the UAE for Indian certificates or all other countries’ certificates, we will arrange a free pickup and delivery of your certificates for free. For the last 20+ years in the UAE, Power Attestation services have been recognised as a prominent company for Indian certificate attestation needs. So just dial us and arrange a free pickup for your attestation and once the attestation process is done, we will deliver it to your place for free.

You can check the status of your attestation of Indian certificate application status online through our website by just entering your invoice number or tracking ID. We designed our website in the easiest and most user-friendly way to fulfil the needs of our customers in all ways. Our website will help you track your status just by entering your tracking/invoice number. In the certificate attestation tracking page or window, just enter your receipt number, which is printed on your invoice, and then the system or website will show the status of your order or application.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to attest an Indian origin certificate in Dubai, UAE, then there are a number of things you should know before getting your documents attested. There are certain conditions and requirements that need to be met by the applicant. The cost of attesting an Indian origin certificate can vary depending on the type of document, the country for which you are attesting it, where it’s being applied and also on the place where it is being sent.

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