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Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE


The UAE is a federation of seven developing emirates. The United Arab Emirates has varied geography that includes rocky deserts, coastal plains & waters, and dry mountains. The country’s super clean coasts and luxurious hotels have also drawn international visitors. The United Arab Emirates, which remains at a memorable and geographical crossroads and is made up of various nationalities and ethnic groups, presents a striking mix of old traditions and current innovation, global citizenship and insularity, riches, & need. Because people travel to the UAE for a variety of reasons, the value of UAE attestation has grown. As the United Arab Emirates attracts more visitors, Attestation Services is becoming a more common incidence around the world.

UAE attestation is a required procedure when applying for a visa to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for personal or professional reasons. The Attestation procedure will prove that the documents are legal. The process of verifying documents carried by immigrants is known as attestation. UAE attestation is the process that is required when traveling to the United Arab Emirates.

Attestation procedures for Dubai, UAE

The standard process for getting your certificates attested in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is as follows:

✔️ State attestation for documents related to education, the individual, & business from the relevant states.
✔️ Embassy attestation from the relating country’s embassy.
✔️ MEA apostille or MEA Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs.
✔️ You must obtain a MOFA attestation from the UAE Ministry once you have arrived in the UAE.

Various Attestation Services Available in Dubai, UAE

✔️ Attestation of an educational certificate.
✔️Attestation of a non-educational certificate.
✔️ Attestation of commercial certificates.

The procedures for  attestation services in Dubai for various certificates differ. For UAE attestation, there are several subcategories. Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, HSC certificates, and other educational certificates are attestation for educational, migration, and employment purposes in foreign countries. Non-educational certificate attestation includes the verification of personal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, experience certificates, and so on. Commercial document attestation includes the verification of all documents related to business, trading, and so on.

Educational certificate attestation

Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, other course mark lists, doctoral degrees, college transcripts, and transfer certificates are all able for Educational certificate attestation.

Procedure for Educational certificate attestation

✔️ SDM and the HRD (human resources department) (sub-divisional magistrate).
✔️ MEA (ministry of external affairs).
✔️ Embassy of the UAE attestation.
✔️MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs).

Importance of attesting an Educational certificate attestation in the UAE

✔️ To obtain a work visa or work hard in order to complete the assignment.
✔️ To pursue higher education in the UAE.
✔️ To compile assessments for the MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Department of Health) from experts, medical professionals, drug experts, lab professionals, etc
✔️ To obtain the appropriate authentications.

Non Educational certificate attestation

Birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce certificates, and records of police clearance are among the non-educational certificates for Attestation Services in UAE. These are some examples of official documents.

Procedure for Non-Educational certificate attestation

✔️ Attestation validated.
✔️ MEA (ministry of external affairs).
✔️ Embassy of the UAE attestation.
✔️ MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs).

Importance of attesting a Non-Educational certificate attestation in the UAE

✔️ In order to obtain resident visas for the spouse, kids, and parents.
✔️ For the purpose of school admission.

Commercial document attestation

UAE commercial documents are attested for various reasons, including the establishment of a business in the United Arab Emirates. Commercial documents include memorandums of association, powers of attorney, and articles of incorporation.

Procedure for Commercial certificate attestation

✔️ Certification from the business chamber.
✔️ MEA (ministry of external affairs).
✔️ Embassy of the UAE attestation.
✔️ MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs).

Importance of attesting a Commercial certificate attestation in the UAE

✔️ To obtain the right to sell real estate in the home country.
✔️ In order to establish the LLC company in UAE.
✔️ Opening a bank account.
✔️ Business registration.

Depending on the certificate that needs to be attested for UAE attestation, the documents are sealed and signed by the relevant authorities. The immigrant is qualified to enter the UAE once the UAE attestation procedures are finished. He/she will be regarded as having valid documents. Without permission from the host country’s MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), UAE attestation procedures are dispersed (UAE). UAE attestation must be completed in the country where the document was originally issued. The attestation process and time frame occasionally change depending on the rules established in each country.

Every certificate comes with our 100% authentic attestation guarantee. We offer our clients the option of online tracking. Our staff is always available to assist customers, both online and over the phone. We send messages and emails to update you on every status. Without your presence, we can complete any type of certificate attestation procedure from anywhere in the world.


Any official document designed for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is not a party to the Hague Apostille Convention, will be given a Certificate by the Administrator of State. Before submitting documents to the United Arab Emirates Embassy or Consulate office for legalization, additional steps might be necessary.

The time it takes to process documents varies because the attestation process is dependent on several variable stars. While some documents are lengthy, others are simple to process. For instance, attestation of educational documents requires much more time than attestation of commercial documents.

To get a job in the UAE, you must attest to your educational certificates. After you are hired, every company will require the educational certificates to be attested. Attested documents are not required during the interview, but they are when you are hired by a specific company.

All academic or professional educational certificates issued from India must first be attested by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the UAE before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Government will approve the issuance of a UAE visa.

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