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Transfer Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE

Transfer certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

A transfer certificate is a letter or proof of document issued by a school or college when you want to leave or transfer to another school or college. It is a mandatory document while transferring one institution to another. Transfer Certificate Attestation is a mandatory requirement under UAE Ministry of Education law for a student’s admission to any school or college in the UAE.

The transfer certificate must be attended and authorized by a legal authority in order to enroll children in the schools of your relocating country. The purpose of the attestation is to verify, authenticate, and certify the authenticity of the Transfer Certificate for use in foreign schools/colleges. This is in accordance with the law, which states that all Transfer Certificates issued by other countries must be attested. Please make certain that the transfer certificate is printed on official school letterhead.

When it comes to Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE, many people, particularly parents, are confused. Anywhere in the world, we can help you attest to your transfer certificate. You must make sure that all of your documents, especially the Transfer Certificate, are attested before leaving for the UAE or while you are there. Authorities in the United Arab Emirates and school authorities are extremely picky about documentation. Your Transfer Certificates can only be accepted by authorities if they have been attested.

The following information must be included in the transfer certificate.

✔️ The student’s full name.
✔️ Name of the college or university.
✔️ The birthdate.
✔️ Admission date.
✔️ Date of Leaving.
✔️ Family name.
✔️ Official letterhead is required.
✔️ The last day of class for the student.
✔️ The principal must initial and stamp the document.

Why it’s important to attest to school transfer or school leaving certificates in UAE?

When applying for admission to any school in Dubai, UAE you must present a school transfer certificate, also known as the transfer certificate from the previous school. The parents must submit the certificate to the desired school of admission in accordance with the UAE Ministry of Education’s requirements. The certificate must be written in English, be on official school letterhead, and be signed and stamped by the institution’s head.

Depending on your student’s school location, you may also be required to have the transfer certificate attested. That should include the following details:

• Every transfer certificate must specify exactly which year group a student was promoted to at the ending of the previous academic year.

• Where a child is not transferring within the same year group, the transfer certificate should be typed in English or Arabic printed on school letterhead, signed by the Principal, and has the official school stamp with signature.

The following is the process you have to follow while attesting to a Transfer certificate:

✔️ Ministry of Education (from the country where the certificate was issued) (some cases).
✔️ Notarization from the issuing country.
✔️ Department of External Affairs/Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in the home country where the certificate was issued)
✔️ UAE Consulate or UAE Embassy (in the home country).
✔️ Department of Foreign Affairs (in UAE)

How long does the attestation of the transfer certificate take, and how much does it cost?

Depending on your priorities and budget, we offer different types of services. Whichever option best suits you is your choice. Charges vary depending on the country. Certificate of Transfer Depending on the nation that issued the Transfer Certificate, the attestation process can take a while.

For example, we hardly need more than 6 to 8 business days to certify a transfer certificate issued in India for use in the UAE, but we will need 10 to 12 business days to certify a transfer certificate issued in the UK. At the time of placing the order, this will be made clear.

Why pick Power Attestation Services to attest of to certify your transfer certificates in UAE?

One of the UAE’s authorized attestations is Power Attestation Services it’s able to certify all kinds of certificates. We stand out because we use the most recent technology to offer customers value-added services like real-time status updates, prompt customer responses, and many more. Our internal goal is to finish the Attestation work by the deadline. Guaranteed complete client satisfaction. We handle all aspects of the attestation process so you can relax.


We offer Attestation notifications or inform you when the process is complete. And to check the Attestation status online, you must have the tracking number and the registered email address. The tracking number will be provided when the documents are being collected.

A transfer certificate’s attestation is a difficult process. However, the attestation processes will be made simple for you by Power Attestation Services. We obtain legalization for the document from all of the attestation agencies in both the country of granting and the UAE. We pick up the document from your home or office address and deliver it after it has been attested.

Yes, getting the TC certificate attested for the UAE is required. The document must be attested in order to enroll your child in school. The document is only valid in the UAE after it has been attested by the appropriate authorities

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