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Marriage Certificate Attestation


Marriage certificate attestation is the legal verification and validation of a marriage documents for use in a foreign country like Dubai, UAE, and other places. It entails getting a succession of official stamps and endorsements to confirm the document’s legitimacy and legal acceptance within the UAE’s jurisdiction. When you wish to use your marriage certificate attestation in Dubai for numerous purposes such as visa applications, legal transactions, School Certificate attestation, family sponsorship, or other official affairs, Marriage certificate attestation in UAE is required. Verifying the origin of the document, checking the legitimacy of signatures, and ensuring that the certificate complies with the rules and regulations of the destination country are all part of the procedure.  Marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE ensures that the provided marriage Documents is legitimate and of legal value to authorities and institutions in Dubai.

Important documents required for Marriage certificate attestation in UAE

✔️ Original Marriage Certificate

✔️ Passport Copies

✔️ Visa Copies (if applicable)

✔️ Birth Certificate Copies

✔️ Proof of Address

✔️ Affidavit of Marital Status

✔️ Passport-sized Photographs

The procedure for marriage certificate attestation in Dubai

The Original Marriage Certificate: Obtaining the legal marriage certificate that was issued by the jurisdiction where the marriage occurred.

Make Copies:

✔️ Make photocopies of the marriage license’s original document.

✔️ Make copies of both spouses’ passports after obtaining copies of your own.

✔️ Make copies of any documents that show your current address, such as utility bills or identification cards.

Translation Get documents translated if necessary if they are written in a language other than the official language of the destination nation.

Notarize Documents: To have copies of your documents notarized, go to a notary public. This confirms their veracity.

Affidavits: If necessary, prepare affidavits attesting to your marital status and your lack of opposition to the union.

Visit the Right Department: Depending on your nation, go to the division that handles authentication or attestation.

Department Attestation: Deliver the original marriage certificate, notarized copies, and any necessary affidavits to the department. They will examine the paperwork and certify it.

Consulate or Embassy (if required): Go to the consulate or embassy of the target nation if required. Send the documents to be attested for attestation.

Pay Fees: The attestation procedure could be cost-related. At each step, pay the necessary fees.

Wait for Document Processing: Watch for the processing of the documents. Be patient because this could take some time. You will receive the attested documents once they have been processed. These can now be used legally in the country of destination.

Use the Attested Documents: The marriage certificate can now be used in the destination country for the intended purposes after being attested.

How Power Attestation Services Can help you with attesting your Marriage Certificate

Power Attestation Services can help with any translation or notarization requirements, speeding up the entire process. Power Attestation Services takes a thorough approach, notifying you of any delays in the process and presenting your documents to the appropriate authorities. Even though using these services costs money, a lot of time and effort is saved. Trusting experts to handle the attestation procedure gives you peace of mind because their knowledge ensures that your documents match the requirements.

We guarantee the secure delivery of your attested documents after completion. To ensure trust and a positive experience when choosing such a service, it’s essential to choose a recognized source like Power Attestation Services. Reach out to our communicative attestation advisors by call at +971 4 3799100 or by email at info@powerattestation.com to receive the most affordable and timely service from fast attestation.


Marriage documents Attestation is a legal process which is done by the authorized attesting officer to validate the originality of a certificate. An attested document means that it has been verified as genuine, true, and correct in all aspects. A certificate attestation from the UAE Embassy is a legal process which seals and verifies the genuineness of an original document issued by a foreign country. This is considered a legal document in the UAE for any purpose.

Marriage certificate attestation is an important procedure that helps you in many ways. The main advantage of this legalization process is that it helps you travel to another country with your spouse and kids and settle there. The attested copy of the marriage certificate will allow you to get visas for your spouse or sponsor your spouse in other countries. The procedure is necessary for people who are planning to migrate abroad or move to another country for work purposes.

Marriage document attestation and legalization are different. Attestation of certificates is the process that certifies that a marriage certificate is valid, such as by confirming the identity of one of the signatories. Legalization of documents like a attestation of marriage certificates is done by approved government agencies, such as embassies and consulates.

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