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Family residence visa services in Dubai, UAE

family visa services

Family residence visa services are available to expatriate residents of the United Arab Emirates who wish to bring their spouse and young children. In conform to UAE government rules and regulations, there are specific procedures to follow in order to sponsor Family visas. Each type of visa will have a different set of documentation requirements and costs.

What is a family residence visa services in UAE?

Employers working in the UAE can sponsor residence visas for their families. Before the visa changes a few years ago, applicants had to be from specific professions. The primary condition for obtaining a family visa in the UAE is a minimum salary requirement.

Requirement for Getting a family residence visa services

A family residence visa now signifies that only you can sponsor your immediate family, such as your wife and children, who must meet the criteria set by the UAE government. One of the main criteria is that the sponsor’s minimum salary be 4000 AED, including accommodation for the sponsor’s immediate family.

Documents Required for family residence visa services

For the purpose of supporting a request for a UAE Family residence Visa, the following documents are required:

✔️ UAE Visa Application Form (available online or at a registered typing office)
✔️ Passport photocopies of the sponsored family member and Photographs of the sponsored family member or members
✔️ A medical clearance certificate is required for any family member over the age of 60.
✔️ A copy of the sponsor’s contract for employment or business.
✔️ Documentation of the sponsor’s monthly income.
✔️ The official attested marriage certificate.
✔️ Proof of residence, such as a registered tenancy contract.

Procedure for Apply Family residence visa

Family residence Visas in Dubai and the UAE can be obtained either online or Offline. The documents and conditions required vary depending on whether you are sponsoring your children, your spouse, or your parents. Begin the application process for a family residence visa after gathering all the necessary documents. Apply for your permit and pay the required fee. Fees for UAE residence visas may vary depending on your application category.

Expats and their employers can both sponsor family residence  visas to the UAE. You must apply for a UAE Family Visa as a foreign resident within sixty days of receiving your own UAE Residence Visa. Power attestation services expert consultants will walk you through step-by-step procedures to expedite the approval of your dependent visa.

The Following Procedure You have to follow while attesting Family residence Visa:

Sponsor’s visa: The family sponsor must have a visa in their own name same as in their passport.

Tenancy agreement: The sponsor is required to rent an apartment and secure a legal, government-attested tenancy agreement. For those who have Dubai residency or Sharjah Municipality approval, it would be EJARI.

Legalization of family documents: The government of the United Arab Emirates will demand that your family documents, including:

✔️ Marriage Certificate
✔️ Attestation of your children’s birth certificates

Entry Permits: The sponsor is responsible for requesting entry permits for the dependents. They can do it while still in their home country or while already in the UAE with a tourist visa or a visa upon arrival.

Change of status or entry into the UAE: After receiving entry permits, you have to change your status to entry in UAE

Medical examination and Emirates ID: Your family has 60 days to stamp visas into your passports after you change your status or enter the UAE using entry permits.

Stamping Visa: Stamping Obtaining a visa stamp is possible after receiving your medical report (usually within 24 hours, but you can do the urgent procedure and get the result in 4 hours).

How long does it typically take to obtain a family residence visa?

It entirely depends on the documents you provide. The visa will be issued in 3–4 working days if all the necessary documents are submitted and meet immigration regulations.

Cost of a family residence visa for the UAE

The price of family residence visas is determined by a number of factors, including:

designation of the sponsor’s visa: The sponsor will be required to pay a refundable deposit for each dependent if they were eligible for an Investor or Partner visa. In most Emirates, it is 3,000 AED. For managers or other visa roles, there is no deposit necessary.

Identity of the sponsor: The immigration deposit will probably be higher if you are a woman who is sponsoring a family. In some Emirates, it can go as high as 20,000 AED.

Sponsor’s visa: Family sponsors must possess a visa that is imprinted in their passport in their own name.

Tenancy agreement: The sponsor must buy an apartment and obtain a valid tenancy agreement that has been attested by the government. It would be EJARI for those who have Sharjah Municipality approval or Dubai residency.

Legalization of family papers: According to the United Arab Emirates government, your family papers must include: Marriage Certificate

Entry Permit: The sponsor is in charge of applying for the dependents’ entry permits. With a tourist visa or a visa upon arrival, they can do it while they are still in their home country or while they are already in the UAE.

Role of Power Attestation services in obtaining services for family residence visas?

Power attestation services will help with the entire process and handle obtaining the visa from beginning to end, taking care of the medical and Emirates ID typing.

We advise all of our clients seeking family residence  visa services to get in touch with our visa services team through the channels listed below to learn more about the information and costs. According to the type of visa for wife and children resident visa, parents resident visa, sponsoring a maid visa—many documents and steps must be taken, and a security deposit must be paid.

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