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Australia Certificate attestation


To obtain a residency visa in the UAE, foreign nationals must submit attested legal documents. Children and families will be required to provide attested birth certificates. Those seeking employment must present attested educational certificates, and entrepreneurs seeking to do business in the UAE must present authentic commercial documents.

The Australia Certificate attestation in UAE is a complicated process that involves multiple stages in which various government bodies verify the documents. The relevant Australian bodies will attest the certificates first, followed by the UAE Embassy, and finally by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We recommend that you leave the process to the professionals due to the complicated. Power Attestation Services are dedicated to serving foreign nationals from all over the world. We have assisted thousands of Australian clients in UAE who needed their Australia Certificate attestation in Dubai on time.

The main purposes of Australia certificate attestation in Dubai

The Australia certificate attestation in Dubai process ensures that all the information on the paper matches with its data in a central database so that it can be easily verified. The main purpose of Australia’s certificate attestation in Dubai and UAE is to make sure that the document is legal and authentic and can be used for the following purposes:

✔️ To get a job visa or labour card.
✔️ To apply for or obtain a higher education UAE
✔️ To get a family visa in UAE
✔️ School admission purposes for your child
✔️ For new company registrations etc.

Documents that are required when you apply for an attestation of the Australia documents in the UAE include:

Before you apply for an Australia Certificate attestation in UAE, you need to ensure that all the documents required by the Embassy are in place. The following documents must be submitted in support of the application for an Australia Certificate attestation:

Original Passport and its copy : With the latest issue of your passport, you should have a passport validity of at least 6 months after your return date. This is because you need to submit it as soon as you arrive back in Australia and before leaving again.

– Visa: You will also need to present a visa or any residency proof and valid Australian citizenship identity card.

– Proof of address: If there is no proof of permanent address, then this needs to be provided with any

– A copy of current employment contract or business registration and ownership papers

– Original Certificate issued by a authorized government authority and Notary Public or Embassy

The types of Australia certificate attestation in UAE are:

1. Australia’s authorities issued birth certificates

All Australians seeking residence in the UAE need to have an authenticated certificate of birth or they will not be granted a visa or residency permit in Dubai, UAE.

The following attestation steps need to be followed when you apply for an Australia issued birth certificate attestation in the UAE:

Step 1: Obtaining DFAT verification or authorization: In Australia, birth certificate attestation begins with authentication from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). If you send us your documents, we will deliver them to Australia and submit them to DFAT on your behalf. You can use the documents in the UAE once they have been authenticated by DFAT.

Step 2: Obtain legalization from the UAE Consulate in Australia: Once DFAT has approved your certificate; it must be submitted to the UAE Consulate or embassy in Australia. After the files have been stamped by the Consulate, they can be returned to the UAE.

Step 3: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation in Australia of verified birth certificates: At the final stage of attestation, your certificates, along with a copy of your passport and a photo, will be submitted to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which oversees all document attestation for foreign nationals.Following the end of the Australian attestation process, your Australian certificates can be used to apply for an employment, business, or family visa in the UAE.

2. Australia’s authorities issued birth certificates

Power Attestation Services is one such company that can take care of all these legalities for you and make sure that your Austrian issued marriage certificate is sent back to you from the UAE within three days.

The Procedure for Attesting Australian Marriage Certificates in Dubai, UAE

Australians living in the UAE must have their marriage certificate attested before it is legally considered in the UAE. Foreign marriage certificates are usually attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to UAE law, the marriage certificate of a couple who are married and living together in the UAE must be attested. The same applies to Australian citizens. Attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required for all documents used for official purposes, including marriage certificates.

3. Legalization of Australia Educational Certificates in UAE

In order to make sure the qualifications of Australian nationals are recognized in the UAE, Australian students and professionals need to have their educational certificates attested by the authorities. The Australia certificate attestation in Dubai process also helps students and professionals get approved for visas and work permits.

The educational certificates attestation process is simple. Australian educational certificates must first be legalized before being used in the UAE. The attestation process will include legalization from Australian government offices, and educational boards or institutes and in the UAE embassy in Australia, and finally the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We offer a stress-free service and assistance in obtaining attestation of Australian marriage certificates.

Attestation of Commercial or Business Related Certificates from Australia in the UAE includes the following procedures:

The procedures involved with attestation of Commercial AND Business Related Certificates from Australia in the UAE INCLUDES below steps:

✔️ Public Notary or Notarization in Australia
The notary public will witness the certificate of Genuine and seal the documents with their notary seal.
✔️ Document Authentication from UAE Embassy in Australia

Once the authentication of the certificate or documents has been confirmed by the notary public or lawyer, then the certificate will be sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for authentication or the UAE embassy in Australia.

✔️ Document Legalization by DFAT in Australia

The UAE embassy will authenticate Notary Public and DFAT’s stamp, seal, and signature. The UAE Embassy will then attest documents with a stamp and official signature.

✔️MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) Attestation for Australia’s Verified Certificates in UAE

Following attestation by the UAE Embassy in Australia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE will certify the certificates and they will be legally ready to use all over the UAE.

Why should you use Power Attestation for your Australia certificate attestation in UAE?

✔️ We ensure reliable assistance and safe document handling.
✔️ We have a global presence because we have excellent market relationships and contacts all over the world.
✔️ Our advisors are skilled professionals with extensive years of experience in this industry.
✔️ Free pick-up and delivery inside the UAE.
✔️ There is a toll-free number and online status tracking.
✔️ We have been providing friendly and on-time attestation services in the UAE for more than 20 years now.

We understand that processing of your documents can be a tediously time-consuming process. That’s why our representatives are trained to help you get your documents prepared in the fastest way possible. Simply contact Power Attestation Services. Contact us at: info@powerattestation.com or call +971529940552


In the UAE, it is required for all documents before they can be submitted and used or granted access to the country, so it’s very well known in the UAE and it’s applicable for all Australia issued documents as well. This attestation confirms the authenticity of the Australian certificates and allows you to use here in UAE.

There are lots of reasons why an Australian certificate should be attested. An attested Australian certificate can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

– For immigration

– For work-related purposes, such as job applications and visa applications

– To further education, such as university enrolment and course completion

The certificate attesting process in the UAE is complicated and time-consuming. The certificate is usually attested in 3 – 4 weeks. The process of attestation for certificates in the UAE is not simple. The procedure consists of several steps that the applicant must complete to receive their certificate from the embassy or consulate-general. When you hire us, you can be confident that we will finish the job on time.

The cost of attestation varies from document to document and the purpose of usage. Essentially, it is determined by the type of service you select. We make every effort to provide you with the best possible price in the market. You are entitled to special concessions and discounts if you apply for the attestation of two or more documents. We will help you to get your Australian certificate attestation in the UAE at an affordable rate.

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