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Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE

Medical certificate attestation in UAE

Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE is the act of witnessing a Medical document with official seal and signature by authorized persons / Departments/authorities/ government officials. This attestation also confirms that the specified Medical certificate was issued by that department and that the Seal and signature on that specific Medical certificate are genuine.

What is the meaning of Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

The Medical Certificate is a declaration written by a professional and certified doctor that confirms the patient has undergone a medical test; sick Report is another name for it. The certificate could be required in Dubai to obtain health benefits such as sick leave, short and long-term absence leaves, health insurance claims, and so on. To legalize the use of certificates in Dubai, you must first obtain Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE. You can also confirm the authenticity and originality of issued documents through Attestation.

The importance of doing medical certificate attestation in the UAE

Medical Report Attestation is required in order to claim health care benefits; it is also regarded as a legal document in the event that you are unable to attend work or company.

✔️ To Extend Leaves
✔️ For claiming Medical Insurance
✔️ For proving your leave of absence in a professional environment
✔️ In order to obtain Medical Benefits and Allowances.

Documents Required in Dubai for Medical Certificate Attestation

You must provide valid and original documents for verification in order to obtain Medical Certificate Attestation. If a fraud certificate is found, the person will face consequences. So, if you want the concerned authorities to attest to your medical documents, you must provide the following documents:

✔️ Original Medical Certificate

✔️ Passport Copies

✔️ Letter of authorization

✔️ Copy of a Visa

Medical Certificate Attestation Procedure in Dubai, UAE for Foreigners

Attestation of a Medical Certificate entails a number of critical steps. However, the necessary steps are being taken by the relevant authorities and the UAE Embassy. To legalize the use of documents in Dubai, stamps and seals must be obtained from all relevant authorities. You can learn more about the Medical Certificate Attestation process here:-

Authentication from the Headquarters: First, the concerned State Home Department verifies and authenticates the medical documents. The Home Department verifies the document and obtains signs and seals to confirm its authenticity during the process.

MEA Certification: The Ministry of External Affairs attests to the medical certificates after they have been authenticated. MEA Attestation is required to use any type of document in another country, including the UAE.

UAE Embassy Attestation: To authorize documents in the UAE, you must first obtain UAE Embassy Attestation. The Embassy obtains the necessary stamps and seals during the process to confirm that the signed Medical Certificate is authentic and genuine.

Attestation from the MOFA: Finally, in order to fully legalize the use of medical certificates, you must obtain a MOFA Attestation in the UAE. The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attests to the documents to legalize their use. Power attestation service also offers genuine MOFA Attestation Services. In the UAE, you can get your documents quickly.

Medical Certificate Attestation Conditions and Requirements in Dubai, UAE

In order to obtain a formal medical certificate in Dubai,  UAE you must meet the following requirements:

The validity of your medical certificate is determined by the number of days you have been absent:

✔️ If your leave is for five days or less, you can have a medical document attested without the need for a medical committee’s approval.

✔️ If your sick leave in Dubai exceeds five days, you will need to get permission from the medical sub-community.

✔️ If your Dubai sick leave dates span more than a month, you must obtain approval from the MOHAP’s Higher Medical Committee.


Why should choose our Medical certificate attestation services in UAE?

Medical certificate attestation or sick leave attestation primarily allows you to claim your healthcare benefits, but it is also a legalized document to submit as proof to your company for not attending the company for a specific period of time due to illness, for which you had medical treatment at a hospital or at home as per doctor’s advice. There are several stages of attestation in the process of validating a medical certificate. It must be attested by various authorities and departments from the issuing country to the country where it is to be used.

If you want to attest to a medical certificate as an individual, it will be a difficult task. We Power attestation services, as an authorized and experienced attestation services provider, can handle your medical certificate authentication process from picking up your certificate at your home or workplace to delivering the fully attested medical certificate to your door. Please read the required documents.


The time required for Medical Certificate Attestation in Dubai is determined by a variety of factors. As a result, it may take longer or shorter than expected due to a variety of factors. However, if you require immediate assistance, please contact our services.

Attestation of Medical Certificate Dubai may be required for a variety of reasons, including health benefits. However, in order to use a Medical Certificate legally, it must be attested to and authorized by all relevant authorities.

To make the use of a medical certificate legal in the UAE, you must obtain the MOFA Attestation. To authorize the use of the certificate, the Ministry of Foreign Attestation UAE authenticates the foreign public document.

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