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Philippines Certificate Attestation


In the UAE, the large number of foreign nationals living and working in the country attracts a lot of interest. Whether it is for business or just for leisure, there are many opportunities that beckon foreigners to visit Dubai and other Emirates. People from different parts of the world are attracted by its unique architecture, convenience and activities provided by the UAE. It also helps to explore their cultural differences and learn about their traditions, values, and lifestyles.

In the amazing town of Dubai, UAE, there are many Filipino nationals who come here and settle down. They come here to work and live a decent life. In order to get a job in any country for foreigners, you have to do your Philippines certificate attestation in UAE country. The Philippines is one of the countries that has a difficult time getting their documents attested in Dubai. If a person wishes to work or travel to Dubai, their certificates must be attested by the UAE Embassy or consulate.

What is the Philippines certificate attestation in UAE?

The certification of a job seeker in the UAE or Dubai is necessary for seeking a visa to do business there. The Philippines certificate attestation in Dubai is one of the most important documents that every candidate has to show when applying for a job. For Filipinos, this document must be signed and verified by an official certifying body from both the Philippines and the UAE. The Philippines certificate attestation in UAE is a legal procedure for approving and authenticating documents to obtain a visa to enter the UAE. The process is important because it will allow you to enter the UAE as a legitimate traveler.

Only authorised people are allowed to attest to the documents. The documents must be verified at various levels of government while being attested. A power attestation service in the UAE is a company of experienced and professional employees, so the process is simple for us. We help in the attestation of your Philippine certificates and documents in Dubai, UAE and make them valid and legal for use in Dubai.

The main purpose of getting a Philippines certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE is to

Getting a Philippines certificate attestation in Dubai is highly beneficial for Philippine nationals, especially for those who travel for the first time to the UAE. The Philippines’ documents attestation is important for many reasons. Getting a Philippine certificate attestation in the UAE will help them to apply for jobs, start a business, renew their passports and get permanent residency status in the UAE.

In the case of students from the Philippines who have their certificates attested in the UAE, this formality will persuade the college or university that your educational certificates are genuine and you intend to pursue the course offered by this organization.

We provide the following Philippines document attestation services:

We are the country’s largest certificate attestation services provider. We have been providing certificate attestation services for Philippine nationals for over 20 years now in the UAE. The following is a list of certificate attestation services we are providing for Philippine documents in the UAE:

Attestation of Philippine Commercial Certificates in Dubai, UAE

When starting a new business in the UAE and requiring it to run smoothly, you must obtain a commercial attestation from the UAE government. The certificate will assist you in a variety of different ways, including starting a business, obtaining credit, and exporting to countries with which the Philippines has trade agreements. If you want to start your own business in the UAE or import items from the Philippines, you’ll need to apply for a business certificate attestation service to make the process easier.

Attestation of Philippine educational certificates in the UAE

The process of validating and accepting original educational certificates issued in the Philippines is called educational certificate attestation. Educational certificate attestation from the Philippines to the UAE is the most effective way to demonstrate your qualifications for a variety of purposes, including immigration, visa, employment, and college admission. We are prepared to help with the attestation of the following Philippine-issued educational or academic certificates in the UAE:

✔️ Attestation of a Philippine Degree Certificate in Dubai, UAE

✔️ Attestation of Certificate of Post-Graduation in the Philippines in Dubai, UAE

✔️ Attestation of the Philippine Diploma Certificate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

✔️ Attestation of the Philippine School Diploma in Dubai, UAE

✔️ Attestation of the Philippine School Transfer Certificate in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ Attestation of the Philippine Transcript Certificate in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ Attestation of a Philippine Nursing Certificate and other educational certificates.

Attestation of Philippine personal certificates in Dubai, UAE

Power attestation services in the UAE provide you with all kinds of your Philippine personal certificate attestation at the best prices. The following Philippine personal certificates need to be attested in the UAE:

✔️ The Philippines issued marriage certificates in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issued birth certificates in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issued Police Clearance in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issued Power of Attorney Certificate in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issued Marriage Affidavit Certificate in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issued Medical Certificate in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issued Affidavit in Dubai, UAE.

✔️ The Philippines issues divorce certificates, etc.

Procedure for obtaining attested Philippines certificates from Dubai, UAE

You must first submit the proper documents, though there is also the option to have our agent pick them up. After that, we can begin the process of obtaining the Philippine attestation. You need to follow the below steps to obtain attestation of the Philippines certificates from the UAE.

– Attestation by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs for requested certificates in the Philippines

The process starts with attestation from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in the Philippines for all educational and non-educational certificates required to be attested from the Philippines.

– Attestation by the UAE Embassy in the Philippines for documents which are verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

The next step is that the documents will be attested by the UAE Embassy in the Philippines. With this final step of document attestation in the Philippines, the documents will be sent back to the UAE for further attestation.

– Finally, the Philippine certificates need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in the UAE.

Why use Power Attestation Services for Philippines Certificates attestation in the UAE?

We help individuals and companies to get the necessary documents attested from the UAE in a very short time. We have been providing services in the UAE for the past 20 years. Our experts are quite familiar with legal formalities and thus produce better results more quickly. We offer our clients a stress-free way to complete all types of attestation procedures. We personally ensure that all completion requirements are met and expedite the process. Contact us via email info@powerattestation.com or phone +971529940552 for all of your Philippine certificate attestation needs.


When attesting documents, it depends upon a lot of factors for which purpose and country they are going to be used in. So we need to understand the different types of requirements and the time spans involved in the attestation of a Philippine Certificate in Dubai, UAE. In the Philippines, certifications are attested by the Philippine government, but they have different rules and requirements. Normally, it will take about 15 to 25 days to finish, but time may vary depending on the above conditions being met.

The charges or fees for Philippines certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE vary depending upon the type of service the customer selected and the place the documents were delivered and used. The Power Attestation Services Philippines certificate attestation price may be reasonable, and we offer free pick-up and drop-off service. Also, for the best deals on any other certificate attestation deals, contact our executives at 24/7.

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