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Company certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE


Company certificates are the fundamental records of a company’s existence and legitimacy. And the entire attestation process’s goal is to demonstrate your company’s credibility. Certifications like import-export records, invoices, powers of attorney, and more are required for Dubai’s attestation process. The need for properly certified company documentation is growing as more companies choose to establish their headquarters or branches in Dubai. By doing this, you would be able to access international markets from Dubai, which is already one of the major commercial hubs in the world.

The documents needed for company certificate attestation in UAE

certificates of Type I

✔️ Association Memorandum

You receive this certificate when you launch your business. It includes information on the firm, including its name, organizational structure, and the categories of business it engages in. It outlines the fundamental assumptions around which the business is built.

✔️ Association Bylaws

The article of association contains information on the company’s mission, goals, and core responsibilities for both the business and its employees. Additionally, it clarifies the bond between the staff, managers, and board.

✔️ Business Profile

This includes information on the company’s legal name, address, phone number, email address, main products or services, launch date, and size, such as the number of employees, among other things. These certificates provide information about the business’s kind and relevance.

✔️ Letter of Incorporation/Company Incorporation

A “letter of incorporation” for a company is a formal document that authorizes it to conduct business. When a corporation is founded, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs issues this letter.

✔️ Board Meeting

All decisions made by the board of directors addressing the business of the firm certificates ed in the board resolution. This provides the authorities with information on the company’s management style and choices made by the board of directors regarding their operations abroad, such as creating a new branch.

Certificates s of Type II

These are the certificates that need to be authenticated if you run a manufacturing company and want to export your products to other nations or import raw materials from other nations. These certificates provide information on how things are going right now. The types II certificates are:

✔️ Invoices

A company’s invoice supports the information provided in the certificates above because it includes the name of the business and the party’s signature and includes transactional information such as the goods, quantity, price, and taxes paid. The manufacturer creates an invoice for the person purchasing the product.

✔️ Insurance certificates

Every company needs insurance. A certificate of insurance provides information regarding the company’s financial protection, the duration of the coverage, the premium amount, and the limits and deductibles. For the company, this accreditation serves as confidence during trying times. This certificate is required for attestation.

✔️ Import Permit

Before the business can import items from foreign nations, it is given a license. Every time an import shipment is received by a company, these certificates, and other certificates must be presented.

✔️ Word of Credit

These are the certificates that the company’s bank has issued. This is checked to make sure the business has solid credit dealings that demonstrate its fitness for conducting business in the UAE or any other nation. It will be important to have these certificates certified.

Certificates of Type III

These are a few certificates that have been issued by non-governmental organizations. These are given out after you submit your visa application. They are typically given to personnel who want to go abroad for conferences or seminars. To obtain these certificates, the applicant must present several certificates to the relevant body, which in this case is the Chamber of Commerce.

✔️ Certified Chamber of Commerce

This is a certification that the local chamber of commerce’s chairman has issued. Businesspeople who need to travel abroad for tasks like growing their companies, obtaining orders, forming partnerships, etc. are given these certificates.

✔️ Certificates of Type IV

If another individual conducts business transactions on behalf of the business owner, certain certificates or records are necessary. The representative’s authenticity and authority to act on behalf of another person must be proven, according to the rules. These certificates include:

✔️ legal authority

A lawyer must create a power of attorney before it may be used legally. This is given to the designated individual who will conduct business and make decisions on the issuing individual’s behalf. The designated individual has the authority to handle the donor’s finances, purchase or sell real estate, and handle any legal matters. This is a crucial issue.

Procedure for company certificates attestation in UAE

Documentation goes through a different attestation procedure than other kinds of certificates. Commercial certificates can be attested at several levels. Process levels include:

Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce (CoC): The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) is the neighborhood or city business association. The company records are attested in stages, starting with the chamber of commerce.

MEA Attestation: After your certificates’ legitimacy has been confirmed, the MEA, or the Ministry of External Affairs, will verify and stamp them. The home government’s final step in the attestation process is this.

UAE Embassy Attestation: The UAE Embassy authentication is the last stage of certificate attestation for your business. On behalf of the government of Dubai, the Dubai embassy verifies and approves the paperwork.

Reason for choosing power attestation services for your company certificate attestation in UAE

Working frequently with a UAE company necessitates planning for the certification of your corporate papers. Certificate attestation is the process of having your certificates verified for use in the United Arab Emirates. How documents should be presented and the kind of certificates that the UAE would accept is governed by certain laws. Several methods must be used to verify papers. Simply phone or email us with your demands, and a Power Attestation Services specialist will be happy to assist you with your attestation needs via Live Chat and Email for free. We’ll be glad to assist.

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