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Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai

A transcript, also known as a mark sheet, is a thorough record of a student’s academic performance. In the United Arab Emirates, authenticating or legalizing a transcript means having it stamped and signed by authorized government departments and authorities. Transcripts are issued by educational institutions or universities in their official envelops when a person requests them for intended use in another country for educational or job purposes.

There are two types of transcript attestation process can be done in UAE; one requires only that the document be apostille if both the country where it was issued and the country where it will be used are signatories to the Hague Convention. Another one it requires only transcripts to be attested from respective authorities in issuing country and the accepting countries.

What is the meaning of transcripts and why is it required to attest transcripts in UAE?

When you attend an educational institute, you must take exams for which you will be graded or given marks. When you finish a course of study, you will be given a transcript certificate (by the education board or the school) that includes all of your grades for that course. It is an especially important document and is required when applying to another program of study or even when applying for a job.

If you are moving to or from Dubai or any part of the UAE, you must present attested copies of your educational certificates and transcripts. If your certificate is not attested, it is not considered genuine and cannot be used.

In the UAE, the process includes the attestation of transcripts as follows:

The procedure for Transcripts attestation services in UAE is as follows;

Notary Department: Take your transcript certificate to the Notary Department for attestation first.

HRD Ministry: Because the transcript certificate is an academic document, it must be attested by the HRD Ministry.

MEA or MOFA: Your certificate’s country of origin will determine whether it needs to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Embassy: Finally, the embassy of the country where you will be relocating must attest to it.

How we assist and operate Attestation of Transcripts and Certificates in the UAE

Transcripts certificate attestation for UAE is a detailed service provided by our team of experts from start to finish, regardless of your country of origin. we Attest Transcripts certificates in Dubai right from the country of origin for use throughout the UAE.

Here's how we handle the Transcript certificate attestation UAE procedure:

✔️ We need a copy of your document so that we can verify and provide accurate information about the scope of service, time frame, and costs associated with the attestation.

✔️ We collect the document from within the UAE once you confirm you want to use our service.

✔️ If your original documents are in your home country, you can send them directly to our service partner to save time.

✔️ We obtain Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE certificate attestation for the UAE from various Ministries of Foreign Affairs in our home country.

✔️ Following that, we will attest your document at the UAE embassy in the country in which it is to be used.

✔️ Finally, we will complete the Transcripts certificate UAE process by submitting your documents to the MOFA (United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In Dubai, UAE the transcript Attestation Services handled in different ways for each countries. For example, if your Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE is not in English or Arabic, you will almost certainly need a legal translation of the Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE certificate.

As a result, a notarized copy of your Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE will be legally translated to English (if your document is not in English or Arabic). The Ministry of Education must affix their acknowledgment that the Transcript Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE was obtained from an affiliated educational institution during or before this step.

Once the preceding steps are completed, your certificate is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin, followed by embassy attestation from the home country where the document is to be used.

Due to its experience with attestation, the Power attestation services firm in Dubai can assure you that you won’t need to worry about having your documents attested. We’ll take care of everything for you at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, we make sure that you can get your documents attested as conveniently as possible by taking care to keep them secure and confidential.

The various process of transcripts certificate attestation in Dubai typically overloads employers and new students in the UAE. As a result, they might run into problems and Power attestation services is to save you time and relieve the hassle of the attestation of your documents because we realize that moving to a new country and city can be very time-consuming and overwhelming on its own.

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