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Portugal certificate attestation

Portugal Certificate Attestation in Dubai-UAE

Portugal certificate attestation is a process that is important while traveling from Portugal to UAE or any other country Attestation of a Portugal certificate attestation in UAE allows Portugal certificates to be used in other countries. Attestation allows a Portugal certificate to be used abroad, or a foreign certificate that has been attested in the country where it was issued to be used in Portugal. It is critical that their certificate be attested by Embassy officials. When traveling or residing in another country, it’s far critical to stay secure and consistent with the certificates. If attested, such files can be considered the most basic. If you want to use a Portugal certificate attestation in UAE first you have to be attested from the home country embassy then need UAE embassy attestation.

Documents required for attestation of Portugal certificates in UAE

✔️ Original certificates

✔️ Passport copy

Reason for attesting Portugal certificates in UAE

✔️ submitting the tasheel and stamping the visa.

✔️ Visa applications for work and immigration.

✔️ Licenses for businesses.

✔️ For couples, purchasing and selling a shared villa or other assets in the UAE.

✔️ To sponsor a spouse’s visa.

✔️ Sponsorship of children for visas.

✔️ Entry into colleges and universities.

Procedure for Portugal certificate Attestation in UAE

It can be challenging to certify certificates from Portugal, as the procedure varies depending on the kind of certificate you have and to who you need to present it. The majority of certificates must also be translated into English because the UAE authorities do not accept Portuguese-language certificates. The standard certification process is given here, however, keep in mind that it may vary based on what you need to certify.

government certification

The initial step for some certificates is to have the certificate certified by the appropriate authority. The Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES), also known as the Direcço Geral do Ensino Superior in Portugal, must certify any educational credentials that need to be attested. This step is not necessary for common personal certificates like birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Portuguese to English translation

Portuguese-language certificates will need to be translated into English. The original certificates and the translation are then bound together, and this many-page bundle is what is attested.

The translation has been certified.

The translation must then be certified by a Notary Public after it has been finished. This stage of the process gives assurance that the translation was completed by a knowledgeable individual or organization and that they have attested to the translation’s reliability.

Portuguese attestation

The Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Portugal can attest to the translation after it has been notarized. In the course of this procedure, representatives from the Public Service Office will affix a declaration page to the certificate as proof of the Notary Public’s legitimacy and registration.

Attestation by the UAE Embassy

The certificate must then be attested in Portugal by the UAE Embassy in Portugal, which will stamp it. The certificate has now been sealed and given an official UAE government sticker. This demonstrates to the UAE authorities that the certificate has successfully completed all the necessary procedures in Portugal.

MOFA Certification (UAE)

Once the certificate has arrived in the UAE, it needs to receive another attestation stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm that Portugal handled your certificate correctly. Check to see if this is something that needs to be done by you because some employers will take care of it for you. If you’d prefer to handle this procedure on your own, we can arrange for the necessary PCR test to be performed before you arrive. Once this stamp has been placed, you can use the certificate in the UAE if it does not need a final Arabic translation.

English to Arabic translation

Your certificate may need to be translated into Arabic on occasion. Again, double-check because your company may handle this for you. If necessary, an accredited certified translator from English to Arabic will translate the entire certificate, including any relevant stamps. All of the appropriate procedures have been taken to ensure that the translation can be utilized in the UAE once it is completed.

The important note you have to follow while Portugal certificate attestation in Dubai

✔️ Birth, marriage, and death certificates must be no older than three months to be processed. If necessary, we can make arrangements for the production of fresh official copies as part of the attestation procedure.

✔️ For use in all emirates other than Dubai and if the certificate is to be used by one of the Dubai Free Zone authorities, such as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, an Arabic translation is typically required (DMCC).

How much it will cost for Portugal certificate documentation in UAE

The type of certificate you have and the procedures it must go through to be fully attested can affect the price.

Why should you choose Power attestation services in UAE, for your Portugal certificate in UAE?

It takes a while and involves a lot of offices and experts to attest to Portugal certificates in the UAE. It will be difficult to finish the conversation in the allotted time. Power attestation services in UAE offices will assist you in this situation.

In UAE, experts who are meticulous about the validation of a Portugal paper have been met. calming you by removing all of the stress that the intricate system had caused.

For Portugal certificate attestation in UAE, you can get assistance from our knowledgeable team. We’ll accept the attestation in your place and finish it right away.

It goes without saying that apostilling or attesting to a certificate can be a very difficult process. Nothing to really worry about. Regardless of the type of paper, you’re trying to attest to, you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the attestation interaction from beginning to end with Essential Certificates.

In the United Arab Emirates, we have helped numerous clients get their certificates attested, and we have never had a certificate rejected. You can receive complete true peace of mind and guarantee that you will receive what you need in a timeframe that suits your needs by using our UAE attestation administration. Our staff is fully aware of the steps necessary to make sure that your attestation goes without a hitch thanks to constant communication with our Portugal authorization partners. Contact us for more information.

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