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Tasheel services

Tasheel Servicess

Tasheel Services in UAE,  is an online platform for government, offers a lot of support to both the public and private sectors. To resolve cases involving labour, Tasheel Services centers throughout the UAE Emirates. Both parties appear at these centers as well for the possibility of a case resolution. Thus, it is not only based online. These services are now available to guarantee that workers’ rights under the labour code are protected.

What is Tasheel?

You must have heard the word “TASHEEL” or, more exactly, “Tas’heel” in its raw form if you live in the United Arab Emirates. Dealing with problems involving resident visas exposes you to it frequently. The sole purpose of Tasheel Services In Dubai, a government-owned online system, is to handle and provide relief for any labour- or employment-related issues. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization oversees this system (MOHRE).

Tasheel Services  makes sure that complaints are handled by qualified and well-trained professionals in the most excellent manner possible. It also provides you with a fast and direct link to services provided by official government systems. As a result, there is no involvement of a third party. Once more, using Tasheel Services In Dubai allows you to save a good amount of time and effort because the system works quickly to ensure that cases are resolved. Additionally, you can successfully track the status of your complaint and the availability of mobile apps and online services.

We, Power Attestation Services, assist you in completing all of your Tasheel Services in Dubai. need any assistance in your work related to Tasheel, which includes your business purposes, employee visa’s, labour cards, and all other requirements, we will assist you in a quick and organized manner.

The services provided by Tasheel Services In Dubai are the following:

Permit to Work or labour contract and visa assistances for employees and employers in UAE:

Tasheel services provide the following work permits:

Relative Sponsor Work Permit: This form is used when a sponsored relative (wife/family members) is looking for a work permit and needs to provide no objection documents from the sponsor in order to move forward with the application. The Transaction Number can be used to access this service


In order to avoid having your application rejected, make sure the following before submitting it to the system

✔️ The sponsor’s passport and the sponsored relative’s passport both need to be valid for at least six months.

✔️ The sponsored relative’s and the sponsor’s residency must be current for at least one month.

✔️ The sponsored relative must be at least 21 years old in order to apply for a work permit.

Change the Work Permit: This procedure involves switching out an employee with a current work permit for another worker without obtaining a new permit. Changes to the work permit’s information, such as name, nationality, passport number, etc., are made using this application. The Transaction Number can be used to access this service.

Replacement of Work Permit: This application is used by the hiring company to replace an employee who is currently working under a valid work permit with a new employee who will be using the same work permit without paying new or additional fees. A work permit has a 60-day expiration date and a 30-day maximum extension period. Only when the work permit is in good standing can the replacement process begin. The Transaction Number can be used to access this service.

Obtaining a temporary work permit: This system enables people—whether expatriates or citizens of the UAE—to work for a business for a brief, maximum six-month period. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization issued such a permit(MOHRE). Make a Temporary Work Permit for someone who is employed by another company or has family sponsorship. Following receipt of the MOL’s approval, it will be valid for 6 months. The reason for this application will depend on the type of business.

Cancellation of a work visa: This occurs when a visa for employment is revoked on the employer’s or employee’s initiative.

Services for labour cards by Tasheel:

✔️ new labour cards

✔️ modification of a labour card

✔️ stating that a lost labour card

✔️ a fresh mission card

Other ungrouped services provided by the Tasheel include:

✔️ Transfers of sponsorship

✔️ Renewal of a business license

✔️ Nawakas

✔️ Salary certificate for the employee

✔️ online cancellation of a work permit

✔️ Rejection of new employment contract application

✔️ employee roster for the company

✔️ list of expired labour cards

✔️ information about a labour card

✔️ Ownership role details

The different types of documents which can be processed through Tasheel centers are as follows:

Nawakas Scanning Documents: Nawakas means “missing” and this application refers to one or more documents missing from the requirements submitted for Labour Card and Work Permit applications. The Transaction Number is required to access this service.

Cancel New Labor Application: This application is used when employee information is incorrectly entered in the Labour Contract Application and needs to be corrected. This service must be used to cancel the incorrect application, after which the system will take an hour to update itself. After that, a New Labour application must be completed and submitted.

Online Cancellation: This application is used when an employer wishes to cancel an employee’s labour card and contract (who no longer reports to the employer). Depending on whether the company has an electronic signature, the cancellation can be signed electronically or manually. Manually applied signatures are more efficient and take less time to process.

Salary Certificate: This application is used when the Ministry of Labour requests the salary certificate of a specific employee from a company.

How does Power Attestation Services work in tasheel services in UAE?

The power services attestation employees and oversees them so that it can provide businesses with accurate employment-related services. Additionally, it can be useful to individual users.

We offer the following services:

✔️ we assist in adding new businesses and users to the database.

✔️ we support various uses. There are also forms to fill out that you can collect.

✔️ we offer technical assistance as well as system usage training.

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